The President of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic, stated today that the company KBV, with its ownership structure connected to the Millennium Team, increased revenues from 280 million dinars to 1.6 billion from 2016 to 2019, after it got the job of laying cables in the wider center. Belgrade.

Jeremic told the portal that KBV was “one of 24 companies connected with the Millennium team of Ivan Bosnjak and Stojan Vujko”, which, in his words, got the job “on the basis of a privileged relationship with the top authorities”.

“KBV data records an incredible revenue growth of an incredible 576 percent. It is one of 24 companies associated with the Millennium Team. We have decided not to allow them to continue to engage in corrupt business, at least no longer under the radar. If we talk about corruption in Serbia “This is probably one of the biggest bites,” Jeremic said.

He said that it was about “gasification, construction of state apartments, installation of optical cables, purchase of hundreds of hectares of state land”.

“This is not just a fight against corruption, but a strategic fight against the fact that in the future billions of euros acquired through suspicious actions will remain in the hands of corrupt people, who will be able to manage the lives of future generations if they are allowed to launder and legalize that capital.” which will become the owners of hospitals, televisions, banks, mines, “Jeremic said.

The President of the People’s Party assessed that the privatization of Vranjska Banja, which was bought by the Millennium team, ie the related company Millennium Resorts for 1.88 million euros, is one of the “most obvious examples of corruption”.

“In a special report, the Anti-Corruption Council recommended to the Government of Serbia to instruct the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime to take the measures provided by law. Instead of acting on the Council’s recommendations, the Government completely ignored it and decided to grant the Millennium Team a grant. worth 10m euros, “Jeremic said.

He stated that the Millennium team bought the right to the franchise from the American hotel chain Marriott, “and then tried to falsely present it as a foreign investment with the help of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.”

“It is bombastically signed in the presence of Ana Brnabic and the American ambassador, and it was probably conceived as a deterrent effect, in the sense of ‘where you can bite something in which Americans are involved, all with the ambassador,'” Jeremic said.

He added that this enabled the People’s Party to act “outside the framework of domestic, controlled institutions”.

“We were not afraid of that. On the contrary, it opened new directions for us to act, because if an American company connects with any project, then the jurisdiction of the American judiciary is established to prosecute possible corruption,” Jeremic stated.

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