Mattarella opens the school year. "School is the first response to degradation"

The anti-earthquake equipment created by the students of ‘Saffi Institute of Forlì but also the sewing of a wedding dress and the proliferation of phosphorescent cells. Sergio Mattarella arrives at the Saffi-Alberti Technical Institute in the Romagna capital to inaugurate the academic year in a land hit by floods a few months ago.

The head of state, before going on stage with the Ministers of Education Giuseppe Valditara and Ministers of Labor Marina Elvira Calderone, visited the classrooms of the Institute, while the students offered a small demonstration in the areas of chemistry, construction, environment and fashion. The show that will accompany the kids on their first day on the benches is hosted by Flavio Insinna with Malika Ayane performing some songs from her repertoire.

School is the first and most important response to degradation“. He said it Sergio Mattarella inaugurating the school year. Against situations of juvenile deviance, such as those that have occurred in recent weeks, a multi-level approach is needed, said the head of state and “all this makes it even more fundamental to fight, with ever greater determination, school dropouts. Good schools are the most effective and precious tool available to the Republic for creating and spreading among young generations a culture of legality, coexistence, of respect”.

“The national recovery and resilience plan – a historic occasion for Italy – obviously also concerns the strengthening of schools. Everywhere, throughout the national territory, because schools are a common heritage of the whole of Italy. The spirit that must guide us is that of a choral undertaking for institutions and society“. For Sergio Mattarella “The school needs continuous maintenance and updating. Also for bridge structural limitations. We must work to avoid crowding of classes, which penalizes study programs and opportunities for students – underlined the Head of State – The safety of school buildings and the alternation between school and work must be guaranteed as a priority. In this sense I appreciated the words of the Ministers of Education and Labor. Parents and children must live the school experience with complete serenity.”

I’m beyond that 800 students from all over Italy, of which approximately 500 from Emilia Romagna who welcomed the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who came to inaugurate the school year. “Heartfelt thanks from all of Emilia-Romagna to President Sergio Mattarella for this visit. Thank you for choosing a school in our region and for being once again, as always, alongside our communities, wounded by the floods of last May and woken up by this morning’s earthquake.

In particular, we are close to the inhabitants of Tredozio, one of the towns in the Forlì Apennines already damaged by landslides in the May flood, and today put to the test again” said the vice-president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Irene Priolo, who welcomed Sergio Mattarella and the Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, on behalf of the president Stefano Bonaccini, for the opening ceremony of the school year.

Also present were the regional councilor for schools, Paola Salomoni, the mayor of Forlì Gian Luca Zattini and the president of the Province of Forlì-Cesena, Enzo Lattuca. Before the start of the ceremony, President Mattarella, accompanied by the general director of the Regional School Office Stefano Versari and the school director Giovanni Maria Ghidetti, together with the minister, visited some laboratories of the Institute.

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