Vučić was once compared to Sharon Stone, now she attacks Zelenski: The beggar begs for weapons

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of the Putin’s of the most popular dolls and propagandists Maria Zakharova she referred to the visit of the Ukrainian president to the USA Volodimira Zelenskog.

– That man is a beggar in every sense – Zaharova, known for numerous threats to the West, said at the beginning of her presentation. writes

– Zelenski’s meeting with Biden has been announced, and meetings in Congress are also expected. It is obvious that the Kiev beggar will again beg for money and weapons from his American masters – said Zaharova.

Earlier this week, the situation in Ukraine was commented on by Joe Biden i Donald Trump. Biden says that Trump and his friends “bow down” to Putin, while Trump claims that Biden is leading the world into a new world war.

By the way, Zaharova has a graduate degree in journalism and a master’s degree in history. What’s on her mind is on her tongue. Her social networks are full of hate speech, misinformation, strong anti-Western, anti-Semitic and anti-Ukrainian messages. On the other hand, whenever he arrives, he admires Vladimir Putin. She is also called ‘Putin’s bunny for dirty work’.

Serbs remember her because she insulted Aleksandar Vučić comparing it with Sharon Stone in “Raw Passions”, after Kosovo and Serbia signed a mutual agreement in the White House in September 2020.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she said: “This is not the beginning, but the end of the war.” Putin and Sergey Lavrov they trust her immensely. After all, she was awarded the highest national decorations.

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