Around the world it is reported today (Wednesday) that Gusiam Thamar Sithol from Pretoria in South Africa broke a world record after giving birth to 10 babies in one birth. Sithol’s husband said in an interview with the BBC Because they were already amazed when the scans showed eight babies in the womb. “It’s seven boys and three girls – I’m happy and excited, so I can ‘t talk much,” said the father of the ten twins.

The mother gave birth to a tenth

Earlier today it was reported that the mother was in good health after giving birth by caesarean section which took place in the 29th week of her pregnancy. In a conversation with Pretoria News about a month ago, the new mother said that “the pregnancy was difficult at first” and said that she did not sleep whole nights out of worry and prayed for a healthy birth. “I wondered how they would fit in the womb? Will they survive?” She returned. Sithol, 37, and her husband have two other children, twins as well, aged 6.

As mentioned, at birth Sithol received the title of world champion. Prior to that, she held the record for a woman from the United States who gave birth to eight healthy babies in 2009. Also, about a month ago, Halima, a 25-year-old sage girl from Mali, gave birth to nine babies, who also reportedly managed to survive in a clinic in Morocco.

“I wondered how they would fit in the womb? Will they survive?”

Gossiam Themara Sithul

“Most pregnancies that involve a large number of babies usually end prematurely,” said Africa’s health correspondent Roda Odehyambo. She further explains that multiple births, during which more than three babies are born, is a rare phenomenon that often occurs as a result of fertility treatments. We emphasize that in this case the couple tells that they are naturally pregnant.

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