The French court announced today (Tuesday) that an investigation will be opened, following the espionage case against the journalists, which was carried out using the “Pegasus” software of the Israeli company NSO.

According to the lawsuit, the investigation will focus on suspected offenses of “fraudulent intrusion into an automated information processing system, extracting, holding and copying data fraudulently from an automated system, criminal conspiracy to attack an automated information processing system, invasion of privacy, possession of correspondence and images infringing and distributing devices. “Enabling interception of correspondence, possession of equipment that allows intrusion into an information system, unauthorized sale of a technical device designed to capture computer data.”

Yesterday, the French news site Mediapart filed a complaint with the Paris authorities, claiming that the Moroccan intelligence service used Pegasus software to track down two of its journalists, Naig Brodo and Eddie Flannel, to “silence independent press in Morocco and know what we are investigating.”

“For several months, the oppressive apparatus of the Kingdom of Morocco violated the privacy of two journalists, undermined freedom of information and freedom of the press, stole personal and professional information and exploited it,” the website said. “No Mediapart phone number after that was a target for espionage.”

The investigation, published two days ago, revealed the affair where totalitarian regimes used the software, in order to spy on journalists from many well-known media outlets, and it was stated that more than 150,000 telephone numbers were found, which were estimated to be targets for software use. The most famous case of them was that of Jamal Khushkji, who was assassinated at the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

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