Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin accused the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Dragan Djilas, of hypocrisy and said that “it is very difficult to explain how someone can be on the side of villains and murderers like Belivuk and Miljkovic.”

As the Ministry of the Interior announced, Vulin said on Pink TV, answering the question why the publication of the crimes of the Belivuk-Miljković clan bothers Djilas, that it was a matter of terrible hypocrisy.

“I will remind you that immediately after October 5, 2000, the first thing that was shown on television continuously, every day, were Ivan Stambolic’s bloody sneakers. I will remind you that they showed an X-ray of Ivan Stambolic’s head, all with a bullet inside. I kept reminding myself that I was constantly shown and nothing bothered anyone there. shown constantly and that did not pose any problem to anyone “, said Minister Vulin, emphasizing that he expected a chase due to the published crimes of the Belivuk-Miljković clan.

The Minister reminded that he expected that it would not be important whether Belivuk and Miljković committed those atrocities, but who published the photos.

“It was announced by the police after the legal procedure was completed, this is now evidence. This is now part of the procedure, I believe it will be part of the indictment, and of course this should have been published,” said Minister Vulin.

Commenting on the fact that, as stated by the Ministry of the Interior in a statement, “one of Djilas’ portals openly sided with the Belivuk-Miljković clan, Minister Vulin said that this was not unexpected, but that it was very difficult to understand.”

“These are murderers, these are villains, these are people who killed people, who tortured, massacred, beheaded them, and you are now dissatisfied with their arrest,” the Minister of the Interior stated.

“Being a hypocrite, being a bad man, it’s not a crime, you can support the killers and shout that it’s great, only if you shout ‘I’ll teach a fagot’, everything is forgiven to you,” said Vulin.

He added that the state arrested and broke up the clan, removed the killers from the streets, and “if someone will support the killers and be dissatisfied because of them, let him have a conscience,” it was stated in the announcement from the minister’s office.

Vulin: Kurti will do everything to prevent negotiations

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin, assessed that Albin Kurti is doing everything to avoid negotiations, and to blame Serbia for that.
The official statement of the Ministry of the Interior used the derogatory term “Shiptars” for Kosovo Albanians several times, and states that, when the talks in Brussels began in 2012, “Shiptars” and the entire international community did everything to get Serbs to the table because they were sure it was all over, that recognition was on the table.

“Today, in 2021, Kurti will not negotiate, Albanians are fleeing the negotiating table, they are doing everything to prevent negotiations because they saw that these negotiations did not lead to independence, as they hoped that Serbia would recognize Kosovo’s independence. “, said Vulin, as a guest in the National Daily on Pink TV.

Minister Vulin pointed out that Kurti “will do everything he can to avoid negotiations and, of course, to blame Serbia for that, to say nonsense during the negotiations and not to discuss life issues and try everything to make Vučić lose his temper, stand up and he said we were done, just so Vucic would be guilty. “

“I know how difficult it is and I understand how difficult it was for the president of Serbia to stay calm, to remain a statesman and continue to talk to that man, to pretend to talk to someone who has any good intentions. Kurti has no good intentions. His intention is that only Serbs should not be in the area of ​​Kosovo and Metohija, “said Vulin.

He reminded that in 1997, during the winter demonstrations, Albin Kurti was named the man of the year in Serbia.

“In our capital, Belgrade, in the editorial office of Naša borba, by the then united opposition, Albin Kurti was named Man of the Year. He was a star. They love him. That has not been lost or changed. Of course, they praised him two years ago as they praise him now. They think he is good, “Vulin said.

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