The effort to rescue the body of the killed Israeli in Ukraine
Minutes after the news of the death of the dead Israeli in Ukraine, Roman Brodsky, became known, his father and his partner talked to MDA about the difficulties of rescuing the body under fire and the dispute over where to bury it: “I do not know if I will be able to get out of here alive.””We’re going to Zhitomir because the body needs to be moved – but we can not go because there are bombers there,” Mila began the conversation with Yafim, Roman’s father. “I do not know if I will be able to get out of here alive or if we will be able to get him there safely. They are shooting here in a terrible way,” she said in tears.

At this point, Dennis, a MDA hotline, joined the conversation to help transfer the body to Israel: “I’m trying to help so that through our embassy they can start messing with it. “I already asked them to take care of Roman’s issue, so that there would be no such thing as leaving his body behind.”

Word: “What do you mean? We brought it into our own hands, we bring it to Zhitomir.” Dennis replied, “I mean, you will not deal with it yourself.” Mila replied that “only if we can get there, if we get out of it alive.” Dennis from MDA added that he was trying to talk to the authorities, and Mila stressed: “We do not need help. If we succeed, we will reach it. ”

Yafim, Roman’s father, addressed the word: “We want to bury him in Israel, and that you will come to us.” Yafim’s wife added: “She will live with me”, but the victim’s partner stated that “I will not get anywhere, I wanted to offer you alternatively (to bury him) here”. Yafim’s father continued: “I want him buried in Israel,” and Mila said: “You understand what the situation is now, I want to have the opportunity to come and visit him.”

“Word, I understand, but I can not travel – you see what is happening in this ruined country. I ask you, call me later.” Mila replied: “I will call if I get out of here alive.”

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