US President Joe Biden today (Thursday) officially opened his first trip abroad since taking office: in the next six days he will meet with US closest alliance leaders, but most of the attention will be focused on the summit With Russian President Vladimir Putin next Wednesday.

The Trump administration’s four years in office have often been marked by tensions with many of the major US allies. Biden, one of the most experienced American politicians in foreign policy, will try to take advantage of the visit to rebuild relations and mobilize his colleagues to fight key challenges from the Corona plague. And climate change to a joint stand against Russia and China.

“In an era of global uncertainty, with the world still facing a epidemic, this journey is designed to fulfill America’s renewed commitment to our allies and partnerships, and demonstrate the ability of democracies to meet challenges and deter the threat of this new era,” Biden wrote in the article. Published this weekend in the Washington Post.

Today, Biden, who landed last night in London, will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and they are expected to discuss the strategic relationship between the old partners and the promotion of a trade agreement between them and the fight against climate change. Biden, a Catholic and a member of a family of Irish descent, is also expected to express concern that the disputes between Britain and the EU around Northern Ireland following the Brexit could undermine the stability of the region and degenerate it into violence.

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Boris Johnson (Photo: Reuters)

Tomorrow will mark two days of the G.7 leaders’ summit, the first since the Corona outbreak, with the joint struggle in Corona and climate change on the agenda and Biden will try to encourage his colleagues to invest more in both areas. Leaders are also expected to discuss recent cyber attacks, including against the U.S. oil pipeline, and the setting of a global minimum tax.

On Sunday, the president and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, the 13th American president she meets in her 69 years in office. Biden and the Queen had already met in 1982, when the president was a Delaware senator.

The next day, the president will arrive in Brussels for the first summit of NATO leaders in three years, where they will discuss the common challenges of the alliance, led by Russia. Since Biden’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

On Tuesday, Biden will meet with EU leaders to address complex Trump.era issues, including tariffs on steel and aluminum products and controversy over subsidies for Airbus and Boeing.

The most intriguing meeting will take place on Wednesday, when Biden will meet with President Putin in Geneva, the first meeting between the two after a series of sanctions imposed by the US administration on Russia and after Biden called his colleague a “killer.” Biden is expected to raise issues of Ukraine, the arrest of Alexei Navalny, Russian interference in Western elections and cyber attacks coming from Russia.

Although government officials in India have said there was no consensus on the effectiveness of the meeting at the current time, the president has decided to hold it despite the low chances that it will affect tensions between the countries. “This meeting is not an award for Putin,” said National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. “Biden did not meet with Putin despite the disagreements, but met with him because of disagreements.“

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