Will lead to a change in the equation? A senior Russian army general has been killed by a Ukrainian sniper

Russia-Ukraine War: The senior Russian general, Major General Sukhovetsky, commander of the 41st Combined Weapons Army of Merkav district in the Russian army, was killed yesterday by a Ukrainian sniper, according to the Ukrainians. However, his death has not yet been officially confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, but was announced on social media by his colleague Sergei Chapilov.

Chiplov, who serves in the Air Force of the Russian Paratroopers, announced that “with great pain we received the tragic news of the death of our friend, Alexandrovich Sukhovetsky in Ukraine, during a special operation.” Sukhovetsky, 47, had one of the highest military medals in the Russian army and was appointed deputy commander of the 41st Division in October 2021. Prior to that, he commanded the Seventh Airborne Attack Division for three years and served for several years in Chechnya, Abkhazia and Syria.

A military source confirmed that he was indeed killed by a sniper and suggested that the funeral of the general, the most senior Russian figure killed so far in the conflict, be held this coming Saturday. Meanwhile, reports continue on the number of casualties among the Russian and Ukrainian armies. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims that 9,000 Russian soldiers were killed during the war. However, the Russian military announced yesterday, after days of denial, that only 498 of its soldiers had been killed and 1,600 wounded during the invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russia’s ambassador to Israel, Anatoly Viktorov, held a press conference today in the wake of the war in Ukraine, noting that “we are witnessing a wave of Pike News from the media trying to present Russia’s policy and our president, Vladimir Putin, in a monstrous way.” “Everything we say straight up claims that this is propaganda. One example of many kinds is Ukraine’s claim that we bombed the Babi Yar monument, it was Pike News. The monument was not damaged despite the claims of the President of Ukraine.”

“We do not want to occupy Ukraine and we are not trying to harm the Ukrainian people, we are only acting against those who took the country hostage,” he clarified. According to him, the Russian army forces are not fighting civilians and are not firing on peace-loving civilian facilities, “all these are nonsense that has no truth.”

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