The international feline federation has banned Russian cats from competing

The International Cat Federation, the international feline federation, has banned the presence of Russian cats in international competitions: it is the umpteenth international reaction to the attempt to isolate Russia that has invaded Ukraine.

La Fife (in the acronym in French, Federation Internationale Feline), which gathers 43 countries, including Russia and Ukraine, has decided to ban the presence of Russian breeders and their creatures at international exhibitions because one cannot “witness these atrocities without do nothing”. The indication will remain in effect until the end of May when it will be reviewed.

“The Russians breed and sell very well in Europe, they are very present at exhibitions but from today Russian cats will no longer be able to participate in European competitions”, explained to Rai Radio1, host of Un Giorno da Pecora, Francesco Cinque, president of the Italian feline federation and member of Fife.

The Soviet felines, however, have no faults, it is objected. “Of course, they have no fault, but ours wants to be a sign of closeness to the Ukrainians, a people we are trying to help by giving grants to get cat and dog food to those on the run”

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