Syria has intercepted three airstrikes by the air force in the country, according to a senior Russian military official. According to a TAS news agency, General Vadim Koolit, deputy commander of the Russian Center for Reconciliation between the warring parties in Syria, said yesterday that two Israeli planes tried to attack the Damascus province government building, but their missiles were intercepted by the Syrian army’s air defense system.

“From 5:40 to 5:54 p.m., Israeli Air Force fighter jets stationed outside Syrian airspace fired two missiles at facilities in the Damascus province of Saidat Zainab,” the Russian general said, adding that both missiles were shot down by the Russian defense system Buk- M2E.

Coulitt also said that this was Israel’s third attempted attack on Syrian territory in the past week and everyone was intercepted. He added that on July 22, Syria’s air defense systems dropped four missiles fired at Homs province, while three days earlier, the Russians claimed, Israel had fired eight missiles at the Aleppo city area, seven of which were intercepted.

Over the weekend, the London-based Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that the Russians had changed policy and began assisting Assad regime forces in thwarting airstrikes in Syria attributed to the Israeli Air Force. According to the newspaper, the alleged change in Russian policy took place after Russian President Vladimir Putin received a clarification from Joe Bidan that the United States does not understand the continuation of Israeli attacks in Syria. – Security because the Americans fully understand Israel’s interests in continuing to act against the establishment of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.

In any case, until the last week, when two different attacks in Syria were attributed to Israel, no Israeli attacks in Syria were reported about 45 days earlier. So in any case, the details in the article that the Russians began actively assisting the Syrians seem to relate to the last two attacks. A Russian source interviewed for the article claimed that the issue arose during the summit of President Biden and Putin held in Geneva. He said that at this meeting, the Americans made it clear that they were not satisfied with the continuation of the Israeli attacks in Syria, and that they had indeed sharpened their tone against Israel on this issue.

The source also added that in one of the recent attacks, all Israeli missiles were intercepted by Syrian defense systems. However, it is not clear from the report whether a 300-S missile system was activated in this case, with Russian officers sitting next to Syrian officers. It should be noted that this system has not been activated in the past against Israeli aircraft, and that Russian officers have not actively participated in activities against Israeli attacks.

In any case, in Israel it is believed that the timing of the publication is not accidental, since such publications are usually intended to convey a message and signal to Israel about a possible change in policy. The assessment in Jerusalem is that the very fictitious presidential election, in which he surprisingly defeated Bashar al-Assad, was a kind of message to the Russians that the war in Syria was over and that they also expected Iran and Hezbollah to respect Syrian sovereignty and reduce their presence in the country. It is likely that the latest publication also sends a message to Israel, from which it is also expected to moderate its activities in Syria.

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