“People killed, including Jews”: Ukraine’s chief rabbi testifies from the ground

Russia-Ukraine War: At the end of a night of heavy fighting, Russian military forces this morning occupied the nuclear facility in Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukrainian authorities reported. On this, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman, spoke today (Friday) with Nissim Mash’al on 103FM. At the beginning of the conversation he recalled the Chernobyl disaster: “The pictures are coming back and what they are doing is threatening to destroy the world.” He went on to say: “People are killed here, including Jews.”

In his opening remarks, Rabbi Asman said: “This power plant is stronger than Chernobyl because there are more reactors there. In Chernobyl one reactor exploded and here there are six reactors. If mercy and peace, I do not even want to say what, it is a danger to the whole world. We “We need miracles. Purim is approaching and I pray that there will be salvation not only for the people of Israel but for the whole world.”

He then recounted his actions in Ukraine during this period: “I now pray. We have a quorum and we pray. Most of those who have not prayed until now come to pray, when there is war people begin to believe. Now we feed people and beyond I can not tell about the plans.”

Rabbi Asman added: “Every day we send several hundred people to the border, every day. It is difficult to plan and it is impossible to say when it will be because on the roads it is very dangerous, I also tell everyone that the GPS will be turned off. “Inside Kyiv, our teams work and help the elderly, the elderly and the people in the shelters. We saved many Jews from the villages here.”

Later, he was asked if he expected help from Israel, and replied: “If Israel were to supply an iron dome or something to Ukraine, I understand that they do not want to supply. “I see it with my own eyes. Yesterday there was a battle next to us.”

At the end, he was asked if he wanted to talk to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: “And what can I tell him? I have a very emotional and complex interest, I think Israel should be smart enough to give defense aid as well. They will give, but he also does not want them to protect people. ”

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