Ponos: Serbia must not recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija
The presidential candidate of the United Serbia, General Zdravko Ponos, stated that no democratically elected government in Serbia must recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija.Ponos told Novi Magazin that Serbia must help all residents of its southern province, both Serbs and Albanians, to live better and in peace.

“The moment Aleksandar Vucic started using Kosovo as a mechanism to flatter Western powers, then the car went downhill. It is quite obvious that he came to power promising that Kosovo would be resolved in accordance with Western interests. He gave Pristina everything.” “what was asked of him, and Belgrade and the Serbs in Kosovo did not get anything,” he pointed out.

Ponos stated with regret that the government did not fight for the formation of the Union of Serbian Municipalities.

And now he (Vucic) is complaining to the nation that he has been deceived. A serious president would question himself and say: “Not that I should not run, but I have to go alone when I allowed myself to be so manipulated.” It was scandalous to sit on “in Washington, when he carried Kosovo as an election donation in Donald Trump’s campaign. No responsible president would ever do that,” he stressed.

He added that Aleksandar Vučić used the Serbian List, which is a branch of the SNS, to create his own voting machine in Kosovo, under threats and blackmail.

“Ministers of the Serbian List do not represent the interests of the Serbian people, but are engaged in some dark affairs,” Ponos said.

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