Lawyer Cedomir Kokanovic said today that the lawyers’ protest due to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure will be held on June 11, regardless of the announcement of the Serbian Bar Association (AKS) that all reasons for holding the protest have been removed.

Kokanovic, who is a member of the committee for organizing the protest “Not a step back”, told the Beta agency that AKS does not organize the protest, and therefore cannot cancel it.

“With this announcement, the AKS board of directors only adds fuel to the fire of protest and strengthens us in our demands that the Ministry of Justice completely withdraw the disputed law. The president of the AKS has been replaced and Serbian lawyers do not recognize him as president. Kokanovic told Beta.

The Steering Board of the Serbian Bar Association announced today that its signing of the agreement with the Ministry of Justice on June 4 “removed the reason for organizing the protest and made the request for withdrawal of the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure meaningless.”

“The agreement states that the draft law will not go into procedure, but a new working group will be formed for the preparation of that document, in which the bar will have 50 percent of members. This confirms that amendments to the law will not be made without consensus with the bar.” all key issues, the AKS said.

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