Former senior IDF official: “Putin has discovered a new reality and got entangled in the Ukrainian mud”

Russia-Ukraine War: On the ninth day of the Russian invasion, Russian military forces managed to occupy the nuclear facility in Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukrainian authorities reported. Authorities in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine also said 47 people were killed in Russian attacks last night. Meanwhile, reports of heavy fighting between Russians and Ukrainians continue to flow. On this, the former head of the Operations Division, Maj. Gen. Israel Ziv, spoke today (Friday) with Nissim Mash’al on 103FM, emphasizing: “A reality was revealed here to Putin that he was not aware of.”

At the beginning of the conversation, Maj. Gen. Ziv said: “The Russian plan, which is a reasonable military plan for such a situation, is definitely to take over anything that is a strategic junction or a strategic system that can strengthen their control, part of that is energy. “17 nuclear reactors, it’s not one or two.”

“Most of this country is actually driven by nuclear addicts rather than gas. They have intensified it after having the troubles with the Russians in the last decade, since 2014 of gas supply. They have intensified their dependence on nuclear-based energy supply. The Russians as part of their takeover are going for anything strategic “And that includes the energy, maybe even going in the direction of the water. We saw that they hit a dam that they claimed blocked the water for the farmers but more than that it did environmental damage in the south of the country,” he added.

The senior official was then asked if Putin was frustrated by the war and replied: “I even dare to think that he is present in the weakness of his army just like us, especially that he gets up every morning and bothers to explain that he is progressing according to plan. If I look professionally, To the point of failure. ”

Maj. Gen. Ziv added: “Apart from the fact that there is no preservation of momentum, of continuity, they maneuver in huge convoys, they do not fight at night, they have no intelligence on mobile targets they only attack stationary targets. Almost everything you touch seems weak in form “Unusual also includes the readiness of their soldiers. It looks very bad militarily.”

Next, he referred to a 64-kilometer-long Russian army convoy inside Ukrainian territory: “The hallucination. I do not know anything of this kind in modern military history. It just does not match any military strategy or tactics. It looks almost pathetic. When you look inside you see that they are not logistically prepared, they are not even prepared to produce continuity, they are standing in line. “A third thing that is no less worrying for them is that once you have such huge convoys they are vulnerable so they invest the power to protect them.”

He said, “Not only is it not helpful to them in attack they have to defend them because they kidnap from the Ukrainians who inevitably went into guerrilla warfare because they dismantled their structure and organization, and it works in their favor because they are less vulnerable, but Russians are busy defending themselves than furthering their goals. “What we see is the biggest blast ever in military history. In World War II you did not see such queues stuck and not moving, there is no explanation for that.”

Maj. Gen. Ziv was asked if, as a Ukrainian commander, he would try to hit the convoy and replied: “This is what they are doing. Take a look at the supply of weapons from the West as well and see the quantities of anti-tank weapons. “Hundreds of anti-tank weapons and anti-tank weapons that the Ukrainians use. According to Ukrainian reports, the Defense Minister says that the quantities of weapons that fall into their hands can equip several countries with this armament.”

“It seems that all Russian ground fighting is just soft. The Russian army is entangled in the Ukrainian mud. At this time the ground is frozen there from winter and in April when it rains more and the ground thaws it will not be possible to move off the axes then the complication of these forces will be higher. “It becomes a bottleneck. The Russians do not lick honey there,” he added.

At the end, he referred to the allegations that Putin is detached from what is happening on the ground: “The most important question – what goes through Putin’s mind. I tend to believe that he did not know the real situation of his army before, there is no culture of truth reporting. Would find himself not knowing where.It’s terribly easy to be blinded by quantities and they build a lot, but the content inside an army with real capabilities and with the tactics and quality of command is something you can not see unless there is real criticism and exercises. Aware of her. ”

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