Russian invasion of Ukraine – Day 10

Russian invasion of Ukraine – Day 10: The Russian attack on Ukrainian cities continues today (Saturday), after yesterday the Russian forces managed to occupy Kherson and other cities and besiege other cities, including Mariupol and Kharkov.

For the first time since the beginning of the fighting, the Russians have announced a humanitarian ceasefire in the besieged cities, during which it will be possible to evacuate residents along with repairing infrastructure and providing food and water. The evacuation of civilians began at 11 a.m. and was supposed to last about five hours, but was halted after Russian forces did not honor the ceasefire, Ukrainian authorities reported.

Ongoing updates:

22:10: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: A member of the delegation for the talks in Belarus, Dennis Kiryev, was killed.

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21:57: The Washington Post: “The United States and its allies are preparing for a new era in which Kyiv will fall under Russian occupation.”

21:05: The US has announced that sanctions on Russia have nothing to do with the nuclear deal with Iran.

19:55: Ukrainian Foreign Minister: “The humanitarian corridors are not being executed on the charge of Russia continuing to violate the agreements. I call on NATO and the European Union to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine.”

19:30: Britain claims that the ceasefire proposed by Russia was apparently an attempt to divert international condemnation.

18:25: Report: Prime Minister Bennett meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Ukraine’s crisis.

18:20: The World Health Organization reported that six were killed in a Russian attack on medical institutions in Ukraine.

18:10: Russian media have reported that the third round of talks between the parties will take place on March 7.

17:58: Russian Defense Ministry: “Our forces have taken over a Ukrainian military base near the city of Kherson.”

17:46: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan has visited the Ukraine-Poland border.

17:44: Authorities in Kiev have reported that Russian military forces have taken over a psychiatric hospital near the city.

17:00: According to the UN, so far more than 350 civilian deaths have been confirmed in Ukraine. “For relations between the two countries.”

16:30: During a conversation, Putin said he had not made a massive conscription into the Russian army. “There is not a single recruiter and we do not plan to have one,” Putin said. “Our army will fulfill all the missions. I do not doubt it at all. Everything is going according to plan.” In addition, he argued that there is no Russian desire to impose a military regime on occupied territories in Ukraine. Putin even added that “these sanctions that are imposed are similar to a declaration of war.”

16:10: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi about Russia’s “unchallenged and unjustified war” in Ukraine. Putin reiterated that his goals in Ukraine are to protect Russian-speaking communities through the country’s “demilitarization and de-Nazification.” NATO has rejected Kyiv’s request for a no-fly zone, claiming it would escalate the war beyond Ukraine.

15:45: Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that “everything is going according to our plan in Ukraine. The Russian army will complete all its objectives in the military operation.”

15:15: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will hold talks with Vladimir Putin tomorrow. According to Erdogan’s official spokesman, the Turkish president is expected to ask Putin to stop fighting in Ukraine. “There is no chance of results in the talks as long as the fighting continues,” he said.

14:02: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has said that “the outraged statements of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zalansky are not optimistic about the fate of the talks to end the war in Ukraine.” He added that “Russia is examining information that Ukrainian nationalists may not allow the evacuation of civilians from the city of Mariupol” through the humanitarian corridors, in contrast to reports in Ukraine that the Russians continue shelling despite the ceasefire agreement.

13:39: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has reported that there are 1.3 million refugees from Ukraine so far, noting that the number could rise to 1.5 million by tomorrow evening.

13:06: Local authorities have updated that the evacuation of civilians in Mariupol has been halted as Russia does not respect the ceasefire. The city council has asked residents to return to shelters in the city and wait for more information about the evacuation.

12:46: Report in Ukraine: Russians continue shelling despite ceasefire. A Mariupol resident testified: “I hear shelling every three minutes.” Deputy Mayor Mariupol told the BBC that the attacks continue despite the ceasefire.

“The Russians continue to bomb us and use artillery. It’s crazy,” the deputy mayor said. “There is no ceasefire in Mariupol and there is no ceasefire along the entire escape route. Our citizens are ready to flee but they cannot escape by shelling.”

Damage from a Russian bomb in Zhytomyr, Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS / Maksim Levin)
Damage from Russian bombing in Chernihiv, Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS / Viacheslav Ratynskyi)Damage from Russian bombing in Chernihiv, Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS / Viacheslav Ratynskyi)
Damage from Russian bombing in Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)Damage from Russian bombing in Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)

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