Respect for Jewish history in Central Europe: The UNESCO has included the three Shum communities (Shapira, Vermeiza and Magnesia) on the banks of the Rhine to the list of world heritage sites, the first time that Jewish communities in Germany have been awarded the title.

Members of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage Committee convened in China have declared that the three communities in the cities of Pierre, Worms and Mainz in the Rhineland.Palatinate state, which operated since the Middle Ages in Europe in the 12th century, were called “Jerusalem on the Rhine.” Includes the ancient Jewish part of Shapira with the mikveh and synagogue inaugurated in 1104, the ancient cemetery of Vermeiza and the ancient cemetery of Magnesia.

The news received enthusiastic responses. “They have documented centuries of exchange of knowledge, culture and economy between Christians and Jews.” Worms Mayor Adolf Kessel added that “we have great respect for the sites.” The Jews, to the medieval community center with the synagogue, a women’s school, the mikveh and the former community hall, as well as the ancient cemetery. “

Anna Kishner, chairwoman of the Jewish community in Mainz and Worms, noted that “Jews can contribute to the world.renowned Rhineland.Palatinate”. “Only for the Shum communities, but also for us, the Jews who live here today by the Rhine River.“

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