Not only the USA: how Germany became Israel’s staunch ally
While more and more international leaders are beginning to speak out against Israel, Germany and its leader, Chancellor Olaf Schulz, continue to stand by it. “I don’t think that the call that some are making, for an immediate ceasefire or a long ceasefire, which is basically the same thing, is correct. This means that Israel will let Hamas recover to purchase new rockets again so that they can fire again,” Schultz said in an interview.Germany’s foreign minister has already visited the country three times, and the vice chancellor gave a 10-minute speech on social media, in which he expressed support for Israel’s actions. In recent weeks, the President of the German Parliament met with representatives of the families of the kidnapped children.

“Germany and also the German Bundestag decided very clearly on October 12 that we will stand by Israel, no matter how long it takes. And we want all the abductees to be released – and immediately,” emphasized Barbel Bass, President of the German Bundestag.

At the end of October, the United Nations voted by a majority of 120 countries in favor of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, and did not condemn the actions of Hamas. In this important decision, Germany did not vote for a ceasefire, but neither did it vote against it – it abstained.

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Ron Proschauer, expressed his disappointment at the decision to abstain: “We really need Germany more also in the matter of monitoring funds, German funds that will not go to Hamas or terrorist organizations. I think we see the Germans starting to do that. Germany as of today, is perhaps The country in Europe that really stands by us in the clearest way.”

At the same time as the support of the political echelon, the biggest football clubs in Germany, such as Bayern Munich and Dortmund, expressed support for Israel, when they hosted families of abductees. The newspaper “Bild” projected the pictures of the abductees on its main building, and the German media, unlike the British BBC, is generally fair.

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