Truck blockade causes days of waiting time at the border between Poland and Ukraine

Polish transport companies have been blocking the border crossing into neighboring Ukraine for two weeks, causing a mile-long traffic jam of trucks. This was reported by the Polish news agency PAP.

According to a spokesperson for the local police, approximately 1,100 trucks are stuck in a 25 kilometer long traffic jam at the Dorohusk border crossing. Currently the delay is approximately 10 days. According to the police, 600 trucks are waiting at the Hrebenne border crossing. There it takes more than six days.

Polish transport companies have been blocking several border crossings since November 6, in protest against cheap competition from Ukraine. The demonstrators allow four trucks to pass in each direction every hour. Transport with food products for Ukraine can also continue.

Before the start of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the country exported most of its goods by sea. Since the war, this has mainly been done by road. The previously required Polish transport permits for Ukrainian freight traffic were abolished. Now protesters are demanding that those permits be reinstated, saying easier access for Ukrainian transport companies is hurting their business. They believe that exceptions should only apply to humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army.

The Polish companies also complain of discrimination by the Ukrainian authorities. In order to export goods to Poland, Polish companies must register electronically. However, this often means a waiting period of days. The Polish companies also accuse the Ukrainians of favoring Ukrainian transport companies to hinder competition from Poland.

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