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“Erdogan needs to get out of loneliness”: According to all reports, President Yitzhak (Buzi) Herzog will fly on Wednesday close to an official visit to Turkey, where he will meet his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and be the first state comptroller in the Muslim country for nearly 15 years. Former Foreign Ministry Director General and former Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Dr. Alon Liel spoke this morning (Sunday) with Gadi Ness on Radio North 104.5fm on the subject.

“For a quarter of a year now I have been seeing the vigorous Turkish courtship,” he said at first. “I think it was quite understandable that for almost a year we did not respond to this courtship, there was a very great mistrust between the parties, with even mutual hostility and we did not believe Erdogan. In recent months, especially President Herzog began to believe, persuade the rest of the system .

Regarding Erdogan’s motives for the meeting, Liel claimed: “There are several reasons for this, I think the biggest and most important of which is that he made a big series of regional and even global mistakes that brought him to a state of regional isolation, which also had a bad effect on his economy. Get out of this loneliness. ” He added: “At the same time, what happened is that Israel began to flourish regionally with the Abrahamic agreements, and he realized that in the pendulum, he was down and we were up, and he threw a rope and tried to climb.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: REUTERS / Bernadett Szabo)

Is it possible to cooperate between Israel and Turkey in the future following the meeting? Liel assessed: “I think there is nothing to lose. In the state of affairs, as they are at the moment, we are with our hand on the tap. He courted us, we opened the tap. There is now a significant visit, a presidential visit. If we do not seem to live up to expectations and promises, We’ll turn off the tap. ”

He said, “There are some things that can be gained from it. Still, Turkey is still a big country, big economically as well. You can make economic gains, you can make profits in Syria. “There is a lot to gain from this.”

He further claimed that the situation between Israel and Turkey would have seemed almost lost. “We have reached a point where Turkey was a hostile country. Diplomatic relations have not been severed, but we have reached very difficult levels in relations. I think part of that was the personal precipitation that developed over time,” he said.

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