Reactions around the world on Bennett’s visit to Russia
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s meeting in the Kremlin this weekend with Russian President Vladimir Putin and later with German Chancellor Schultz resonated around the world – and received extensive coverage. From the New York Times – to the German Deutsche Welle they analyzed the meanings of the meetings – and their possible effects on the war. Some headlines proclaimed: “Bennett has become an unexpected mediator of the war.”

New York Times: “Israel can forge a deal”

New York Times | Photo: The New York Times

“A rare moment of diplomacy in war,” the New York Times wrote of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s meetings last night in the Kremlin with Putin and then with German Chancellor Schultz. “Israel is in a unique position and can potentially forge a deal or at least convey messages between Western countries, and between Russia and Ukraine. This is given Israel’s alliance with the United States, its quiet cooperation with Russia in Syria and its shared cultural ties with Ukraine.” “Bennett and Zelsky are the only two Jews currently in the position of national prime ministers in the world.”

Germany: “Bennett’s journey is brave – but dangerous”


World coverage of Bennett Putin meeting (Photo: Deutsche Welle in Germany)
Germany | Photo: Deutsche Welle in Germany

German Deutsche Welle this morning quoted former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren as saying that Bennett’s journey was “brave but dangerous” as Israel tried to maintain its ties with both sides.

Al-Arabiya: “Bennett traveled on Shabbat even though he was religious”

The Arab media also covered the prime minister’s visit to Europe. “Naftali Bennett, who is religious, flew to Russia even though it is a Sabbath,” it was written in al-Arabiya, “and this is because Jewish rules allow the desecration of the Sabbath, if it is done to preserve human life.”

CNN analyzed Israel’s position: “The most complex case”

“Perhaps the most complex is the case of Israel,” CNN wrote. “Jerusalem is on a path that seeks to avoid the removal of the two leaders – Vladimir Putin and Biden at the same time. However, as Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine increases, Israel may find itself under greater pressure to take a tougher anti-Russian stance.”

In Russia, they noted: “Bennett once called Putin a ‘true friend’ of the Jewish people.”

The Russian RT network reported: “Bennett, a religious leader who previously called Russian President Putin a” true friend “of the Jewish people – traveled to Moscow and desecrated Shabbat for the meeting.

Uruguay: “First meeting with Western leader since the beginning of the war”


Worldwide coverage of Bennett Putin meeting (Photo: Observer)
Uruguay | Photo: Observer

“Putin has met with Israeli prime minister to discuss the situation in Ukraine,” Al-Observator reported in Uruguay. Western since the beginning of the conflict. ”

Italy: “Bennett talks at length with Putin”


Worldwide coverage of Bennett Putin meeting (Photo: Italian La Republica)
La Republica | Photo: Italian La Republica

In the Italian Republic, it was written in the headline this morning: “Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Moscow and had a long conversation with President Vladimir Putin in coordination with the Biden government and with the knowledge of Ukrainian leaders.”

President Zlansky confirmed that he had spoken by telephone with Prime Minister Bennett. “Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called me after his meeting with President Vladimir Putin. We are continuing the dialogue.”

Reuters: “Bennett cooperates in resolving crisis”


World coverage of Bennett Putin meeting (Photo: Reuters)
Reuters | Photo: Reuters


Reuters news agency reported: “Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin on Saturday to discuss the war in Ukraine. He later also spoke on the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalansky. Bennett is cooperating in resolving the crisis with the US, France And Germany. After meeting with Putin, Bennett traveled to Berlin and met with Chancellor Olaf Schultz.

Switzerland: “Bennett has adopted the role of mediator”


World coverage of Bennett Putin meeting (Photo: screenshot)
Switzerland | Photo: Screenshot

“Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Saturday and spoke by telephone with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zalansky,” Swiss Info said in Switzerland.


Worldwide coverage of Bennett Putin meeting (Photo: Wall Street Journal)
Wall Street Journal | Photo: Wall Street Journal

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