The border hotel that welcomes refugees fleeing Ukraine

Ronald Agius caresses the head of every Ukrainian child who passes by in his hotel. He was the first to open the doors to refugees in Romania in the ‘The Frontier’ hotel, a few meters from the border. “We usually host dignitaries from various countries, weddings, conferences but now unfortunately everything has changed “,the Maltese-born entrepreneur who has been managing the facility for 4 years tells AGI.

“At the beginning there were even 150 people a day escaped from the war. Tired, devastated, in tears, often at night. Even when we are full, I take them anyway, we find a solution to fix them. At a certain point, however, when the government set up camps to welcome men, I decided to house only women and children.“.

“Every story, every person touches me – he continues -. If they are small I think of my grandchildren, if they are already grown up my children. I do not want to accept that they have lost their home, their old life. Since they started coming at night I am always awake, ready to make them a hot coffee when they arrive. We hope that the brains of those responsible for this war will open soon. ”

People, he explains, “they stayed for several days, now even just a night or a few hours because they contact friends and relatives from other countries who come here to take them away“He offers everything: meals, bed, smiles.

“When they leave they hug me. Ukraine is a beautiful country that is now destroyed. We are no longer in the 40s, the boys, starting with the Russians, don’t want to go to fight. Nobody wants this war” . On the business card it says: ‘The frontier hotel- Where east meats west’. A meeting like this Ronald Agius would never have imagined.

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