PUPS: South of Serbia wholeheartedly follows salaries for three P pensions
The leader of the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS), Milan Krkobabic, said today in Nis that “three P’s” that pensions follow salaries are the only real answer to all questions related to the existence of pensioners in Serbia, PUPS announced.Krkobabic spoke at the pre-election rally in the great hall of the National Theater, where, as stated in the statement, full support was given to Aleksandar Vucic as the candidate of the coalition in which PUPS is, for the presidency of Serbia.
The meeting was attended on behalf of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Zoran Perisic and on behalf of the Serbian League, the coalition partner of PUPS, President Aleksandar Djurdjev.

Along with the leader of PUPS, Perišić and Djurdjev also spoke, as well as the candidate for MP and the president of the city board of PUPS Niš, Hadži Milorad Stošić, and the president of the City Organization of Pensioners, Mirko Zečević.

Perisic reminded of the successful cooperation between the SNS and PUPS in the fight for the betterment and dignity of pensioners, but, as he stated, “the selfless commitment to return the village to the importance it once had.”

Djurdjev pointed out that the Serbian League very much recognizes and respects the efforts of the PUPS in an effort to preserve the national identity, state and personal dignity of citizens through balanced regional development.

“The Serbian League especially emphasizes the importance and leading role of Milan Krkobabic and the Academic Committee for the Village of SANU in this great national work,” Djurdjev said.

The statement states that Stosic said that the Third Age Movement and the City Organization of the Association of Pensioners of Nis give full support to the policy of PUPS and the electoral list under number 1 “Aleksandar Vucic. Together we can do everything”.

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