Mediation efforts continue: Bennett spoke with Putin, German Chancellor and French President

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Continued today (Sunday) in the diplomatic mediation efforts between Russia and Ukraine and discussed this evening with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Whom he met last night in Moscow. After his conversation with Putin, Bennett spoke with Chancellor of GermanyOlaf Schultz, and with the President of France, Emanuel Macron. Earlier, Bennett also spoke with the President of Ukraine And Ludimir Zlansky.

Another political axis is the Foreign Minister You torchWho left tomorrow for a brief political meeting with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blink. The meeting will take place in the afternoon in Riga, Latvia.

The Kremlin’s announcement of Bennett’s talks with Putin stated that “Following talks in Moscow the day before, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. “Naftali Bennett’s recent talks with leaders of several countries. Putin and Bennett have agreed to keep in touch.”

As you may recall, this morning Bennett referred to the mediation attempts at the beginning of the cabinet meeting and said that “human suffering will increase if things continue on the current path.” “I went to help negotiate between all parties,” he explained. “There are Israelis who need to return and Jewish communities that need help. Naturally can not expand further, we will continue to help as much as we are asked even if the chances are not great.”

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