Putin is seriously wrong in his calculations, the editor of France 24 is convinced

At the moment, the intentions of the Russian president in Ukraine are not clear, he has already started bombing Ukrainian cities, Robert Parsons, the foreign editor-in-chief of France 24 TV, said on “Azatutyun”‘s “Sunday Analytical with Hrayr Tamrazyan” program.

“The woman has been under rocket fire for at least a week now. The situation is much worse than in other cities, such as Chernigov, Kharkov or Mariupol in the south. Mariupol is razed to the ground by bombs, missiles, artillery, and tank fire. The situation there is dire. “The Russians in Mariupol seem to be using the same tactics as in Syria, for example in Aleppo,” said Parsons, who covered the Ukraine war from Ki.

“Indeed, they seem to be trying to break the will of the Ukrainians to resist. He thinks that they will not succeed. In my opinion, in the case of Ki, the Russians faced a dilemma. It is obvious that Ki is their main target in subjugating Ukraine. But the more they bomb the city, the more Ki will become a symbol of resistance, the harder it will be for them to enter the city because they will not feel safe there. “The more ruins there are, the easier it will be for the Ukrainians to defend the city, the harder it will be for the Russians to capture it,” he said. “At the moment, there is no doubt that the resistance of the Ukrainian side is strong, the Ukrainian army is generally standing, that arms supplies from the West are constantly increasing,” he said. The fighting spirit of the Ukrainians is very high. In my opinion, and I am talking not only about the regular army, but also about the people who join the territorial defense detachments, their fighting spirit is very high. They believe they will win this war because they are defending their homeland, their homes, and have nowhere else to go. They are not going to give up. ”

According to Parsons, it will be very difficult for Vladimir Putin to achieve his ultimate goals in Ukraine ․ “We have to remember how long the war in Chechnya lasted, until the Russians finally won, it took 7 or 8 years. And that war was in an area the size of Paris. And the population of that area, Chechnya, was 500,000 or 600,000. Today we are talking about a country that is larger than France. Ukraine has a population of more than 40 million. The country has a regular army of 200,000 troops. The number of people enlisted for territorial defense every day is huge. According to the Ukrainian government, 66,000 Ukrainians have so far returned from abroad to enlist in the army.

“So it will not be easy for the Russians, even if they succeed in dominating the air. And at the moment, in my view, they have no dominance in the air and have to fly mostly at night, low, not only because the Ukrainian air force seems to be largely preserved or very difficult to judge, but also because the Ukrainian side is now very It has surface-to-air missiles. “It will be very difficult for the Russian air force,” Parsons said. “They will have big losses. The Russian side has already admitted that it has lost about 500 soldiers. The Ukrainians say that the losses of the Russian side reach 9 thousand. In the British-French intelligence, I think that the numbers mentioned by Ukraine may be exaggerated, but the real numbers are closer to the ones mentioned by the Ukrainian side than by the Russian side. It must be understood that in the end it will also affect the mood in Russia. People there are already feeling the decline in living standards, and when it becomes known that their children are dying in another country for some reason, the mood in Russia will begin to decline sharply. “It will not be easy for Vladimir Putin at all.”

According to the journalist, Putin was completely wrong in his calculations. “Frankly, few would think that the West would unite in this way during this conflict. […] Based on past experience that the West speaks rather than acts, it is possible that this time it miscalculated, thinking that the same thing would happen now. However, as we can already see, he made a serious mistake in his calculations. There is an unprecedented consolidation in the West. “The West has jointly applied the toughest sanctions ever imposed on a major country.”

Concerns over Russia’s use of nuclear weapons or the possibility of a NATO-Russia clash, Robert Parsons said, “are very unlikely.” “Of course, it is possible,” the journalist added, detailing ․ “When the war is so close to NATO member states, such as Poland and the Baltic states, it is clear that there is always a risk that there will be an incident that could quickly worsen the situation and increase the risk of a nuclear confrontation,” he said. But I think at this stage it is very unlikely. I think it is very unlikely that the Russians will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. If they do, they run the risk of joining NATO. I think at this stage they do not want to increase this probability. Russia has enough military advantage over Ukraine to continue doing what it is doing now. “I think it is very unlikely that they will use nuclear weapons.”

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