Novakovic in Kikinda: Vucic does not have a majority in Serbia, the opposition mood is in the majority

The Vice President of the People’s Party, Borislav Novaković, stated today in Kikinda that it is “completely clear” that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, “does not have a majority in Serbia” and that “the opposition mood is in the majority”.

“It is necessary to animate and motivate the opposition majority through the campaign to go to the polls on April 3,” Novakovic said in a conversation with the citizens of Kikinda.

As the People’s Party announced, Novaković pointed out that a well-organized society is based on laws and institutions, and “not on the will and malice of one man”.

“To that extent, in the next elections, citizens will choose not between different ideological orientations, but will choose between civilized government, as the United for Victory of Serbia wants to establish, and the current situation in which the state is suspended and ruled by only one man,” he said. is Novakovic.

Novakovic told the people of Kikinda that as an MP from Novi Sad, he would be “a voice of dissatisfaction not only for the citizens of Novi Sad, but also for the whole of Vojvodina.”

In the coming period, food and energy will be even more important than today and the stability of the whole society will depend on them. Serbia is an agrarian state, and within it Vojvodina participates with the largest share of agricultural exports. also determine the economic stability of the entire country, “Novakovic added.

“However, the government in Kikinda, as in the whole of Vojvodina, is not guided by the interests of citizens and the state, but is involved in serious crime, which citizens rightly point out,” Novakovic said.

As one of the examples of crime and corruption in Kikinda, Novakovic cited the price of building a new market, with an area of ​​3,000 square meters, which amounted to as much as three million euros, or 1,000 euros per square meter.

“I remind you that the average price of a square meter of living space in Kikinda is 600 euros, which means that the local government stole a huge part of that money by investing three million euros in the market,” Novakovic concluded.

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