The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine will hold talks in Antalya

The Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers will hold talks within the framework of the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, the Turkish Foreign Minister announced today, adding that he will also take part in the discussions.

“Lavrov announced that he is ready to take part in this meeting in Antalya. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told us that he would take part in the meeting. Both ministers insisted that I be present as well. “Therefore, the meeting will be held in tripartite,” he said.

According to Cavusoglu, the trilateral meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, March 10. The diplomatic forum will start on March 11 and end on March 13.

This information was also confirmed by the Russian Foreign Ministry, conveying that there will be contacts between the two ministers in Antalya. The agreement to hold Russian-Ukrainian talks in Antalya was preceded by separate telephone conversations between high-ranking Turkish, Russian-Ukrainian officials. First, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ։an spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressing readiness to support the peaceful and speedy resolution of the Ukrainian crisis. This was followed by telephone conversations between the Turkish Foreign Minister and his Ukrainian and Russian counterparts.

In a conversation with Putin, Erdogan called for an urgent ceasefire to allay the concerns of the people of the region and provide an opportunity to find a political solution. The Turkish President stressed the need to cease fire, open a humanitarian corridor and take urgent steps to sign a peace agreement.

At the same time, Erdogan noted that he is in constant contact with the Ukrainian side, “other countries will continue their efforts to hold comprehensive talks and achieve results.”

Today, the Russian armed forces announced a ceasefire from ten in the morning, opening humanitarian corridors from several cities, including Ki. Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Cullen said he was pleased with the news of the ceasefire.

The Turkish official wrote on Twitter that he would continue his initiatives led by President Erdogan to make the ceasefire lasting and that the peace talks would yield results.

For Erdogan, the Ukrainian crisis is both an opportunity and a danger. Süddeutsche Zeitung:

The international press has been covering Turkey’s active mediation role since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The German Süddeutsche Zeitung, for example, believes that the crisis in Ukraine is an “opportunity” and a “danger” for Erdogan.

“A long war” will have negative consequences for the Turkish economy. At the same time, Ankara is in a favorable position due to its good relations with Russia and Ukraine. Erdogan, who has a bad reputation in the international arena, can finally become a key figure. “In this way, Erdogan can advance a long-standing policy, that is, to play the role of an independent mediator between Russia and the ‘West’ as a NATO member state,” the paper concludes.

The Israeli Jerusalem Post notes: “The situation in Ukraine is a good opportunity for Turkey to return to the table of international relations, as well as to improve relations with the United States and Israel.”

The EU Ambassador to Turkey stated that Brussels was grateful to Ankara for its active diplomatic efforts in Ukraine.

“The European Union, the member states, NATO and Turkey, as members of the alliance, faced this aggression together. “We have to work together,” said the European diplomat.

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