“Conscripts do not participate, will not participate in hostilities.” Putin

The President of Russia announced today that conscripts and reservists will not be involved in the Russian military operation against Ukraine. According to Vladimir Putin, only professional servicemen take part in the so-called special operation.

“I want to emphasize that conscripts do not take part in military operations, there will be no additional conscription of reservists. “Only professional military personnel can solve the problems,” he said.

At the same time, Putin spoke about this in his message on March 8, expressing confidence that the Russian military “will reliably ensure the security and peace of the Russian people.”

Earlier, Vladimir Putin announced that he would not declare martial law or a state of emergency in Russia. With this statement, Putin tried to calm down the Russians, who are afraid that they will have to take part in hostilities against their will. And the number of Russians with such fears is growing day by day, that, of course, there are no such independent statistics, and the statistics ordered by the Kremlin show that the majority of Russians support Putin, are in favor of military action in Ukraine.

Many Russians are leaving the country

However, since February 24, when Putin announced the start of hostilities in Ukraine, a significant number of Russians have begun to leave the country. We are talking not only about intellectuals with liberal views, well-known figures with opposition views, but also ordinary Russians. They are afraid of the social, political and economic consequences of the war.

Strict censorship has come into force in Russia, for which any citizen can be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. Many Russians are leaving the country for fear of their future lives, especially those who do not accept the policy of the authorities in Ukraine, consider the war a crime against fraternal Ukrainians.

“However, if in the first days of the war the Russians were able to travel to different countries, now most of them are already closed to them.” Of the available options, Armenia looks reliable: you can get there with a Russian passport, live for up to 180 days, plus Georgia is not far away, which despite the 2008 Russian-Georgian war, has long been a popular place to emigrate from Russia.

In Georgia, however, unlike the Russians in Armenia, they can not use their bank cards easily, in Yerevan there are no such restrictions for Russian cards. Dozens of daily flights are operated from Moscow to Yerevan alone. And the number of flights has increased several times, the tickets are sold very fast, and the prices have risen unprecedentedly.

The number of people wishing to obtain Armenian citizenship has increased

Moreover, as the Armenian Embassy in Russia informed “Azatutyun”, the number of those wishing to obtain Armenian citizenship has increased.

“Of course, there are no queues at the embassy, ​​but the number of people wishing to receive both citizenship and a return certificate has doubled. “It is not only Armenians who apply for citizenship,” the embassy representative told RFE / RL.

In general, the embassy is overloaded today, as some Armenian citizens have lost their jobs due to the events in Ukraine, have no opportunity to wait for new passports and have to return home with return certificates.

There are also rumors circulating on the Internet that Russian border guards often ask Russians leaving the country, so to speak, awkward questions, in particular, asking them to show their posts about the war on social networks. However, there are no proven facts that some people were not allowed to leave the country these days.

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