Three students from the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem perished yesterday in a catastrophic plane crash in Ukraine. The young men killed – Amram Promovich, Eliezer Brill and Herschel Weiss – are American and British citizens from the Vizhnitz and Satmar Hasidic sects, who studied in Rabbi Baruch Schwartz’s group in Israel. They traveled to Budapest, Hungary last week, and from there continued to Ukraine. According to eyewitnesses, the light aircraft began to burn in the air and then crashed on the roof of a private villa in the town of Prykarpathia in western Ukraine. Up to this moment the cause of the accident is not yet known.

Rabbi Hillel Cohen, director of the Ihud Hatzalah organization, told Maariv that the three flew in a stunt plane that crossed the Carpathian Mountains, and that the pilot apparently lost control of the plane for no apparent reason. Activists of the Jewish community in Kiev are handling the transport of the bodies from the country.

The ZAKA organization said: “A report was received of a light aircraft crash inside a house in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. Instead of four dead, three of them Jews without Israeli citizenship. The case is being handled by the staff of our international unit. ”

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