Seselj: The Radicals will support Vucic for the presidency of Serbia to win in the first round

The president of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS), Vojislav Seselj, said today that the party would support the candidacy of the president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic, for president of Serbia, because it is “in the interest of the people, and in the interest of the SRS.”

In a written statement, Seselj stated that the SRS mostly has its own candidate in the presidential elections, but that “national interests sometimes demand to deviate from the established practice”.

“If we succumb to some personal interests, vanity or spite, we would actually only jeopardize the chance for Aleksandar Vucic to win in the first round, which must happen. All patriots must understand that Vucic’s victory in the first round is national interest,” he said. is Seselj.

According to him, “it would be disastrous for Serbia” if “all anti-Serbian circles were mobilized” in the second election round, and a pro-Western candidate was elected president.

“Everything that Aleksandar Vučić achieved in the protection of national interests, which we constantly supported, because it coincides with our program, would fall into the water. We Serbian workers will not allow that because our support for Aleksandar Vučić’s candidacy will be crucial for his victory.” in the first round of elections, “Seselj said.

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