Israeli The Interior Minister Shaked: Israel will “host” 25,000 refugees from Ukraine

The Interior Minister presented the new policy for the absorption of non-Jewish Ukrainian citizens and said that Israel is preparing to receive one hundred thousand new immigrants from Ukraine • As published in the main edition, the guarantees will be abolished • Shaked: Israel is doing more than international efforts to absorb Return but balance the principles

In the shadow of the ongoing war, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked announced tonight (Tuesday) that Israel will host 25,000 non-Jewish Ukrainian citizens “temporarily until the rage passes.” 20,000 of them, according to Shaked, were already in Israel illegally before the war. In addition, the guarantees for refugees will be abolished and instead – Israelis will be required to fill out a form in which they undertake that the guest will leave as soon as the state of emergency ends.

“The State of Israel will temporarily host about 20,000 Ukrainian citizens who were in Israel before the outbreak of hostilities, usually in violation of the law. In addition, if God forbid the violence does not stop within a reasonable time, we will allow them to work in Israel,” Shaked explained. “Beyond that, it was agreed to set an additional quota of accommodation for 5,000 Ukrainian citizens who arrived or will arrive after the outbreak of hostilities.”

The minister described that those who come to Israel will receive a temporary visa for a period of 3 months, “and if, God forbid, the situation in their country does not improve by then, they will later also be allowed to work in Israel, similar to Ukrainian citizens already here.” It also announced that as Dana Weiss published last night in the main edition, it was decided to cancel the guarantee deposit, and there would be a kind of commitment form: “Israelis will no longer have to deposit a guarantee at the airport, and will only sign a commitment. The next one. “

“Any Ukrainian citizen who wishes to come to Israel will be able to submit an online application on the Foreign Ministry website and as long as the accommodation quota is not filled, in the absence of any other impediment, they will be able to come to Israel temporarily,” she explained. “At the same time, Israeli citizens will be able to apply to invite Ukrainian citizens, up to one nuclear family per applicant, and these will receive as much priority as possible. This will also allow better hospitality of those arriving in Israel. “Everything is, of course, online and aspirations within 24 hours.”

In her opening remarks, Shaked said that “the sights of the war in Ukraine and the suffering of its citizens shake the soul and do not allow us to remain indifferent. These difficult events also have a direct impact on the State of Israel, which is currently receiving The founding fathers of the State of Israel anchored their identity as a national home for the Jewish people, and even established as a founding foundation that “the State of Israel will be open to Jewish immigration and the gathering of exiles.” Our brothers around the world are entitled to return to their homeland by right and not by grace.

The Minister explained the quota set, hosting about 25,000 Ukrainians, as mentioned, most of whom were already in Israel before the war. “With the outbreak of the crisis, we began to study the situation and acted with the intention of providing an immediate response to people in distress. On the rate of entry of tens of thousands of people, who are not eligible for return, within a few months. From the stands, it is more complex to take responsibility for the future of the State of Israel and to make the most correct and considered decisions. “

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