A former senior official in the Trump administration claims: This is how he would have acted in the face of the Russian invasion

Stephanie Grisham, who served as White House spokeswoman and chief of staff to the First Lady of the President of the United States, Donald Trump Was asked in an interview with the ABC network how the latter would have reacted to the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, which she claimed would have encouraged the Russian president Vladimir Putin To enter Ukraine, and takes a different approach from that of the current president, Joe Biden.

“His approach was not to intervene,” she noted, “he would probably have told Putin ‘move on,'” she said in an interview. Grisham added that she was under the impression that Trump admired Putin, whom he recently called a “genius,” immediately after his invasion of Ukraine.

She revealed a moment that she claimed was real between the two: “I saw him say to Putin ‘Hey, I’m going to be tough on you in front of the cameras, you know? When they turn off, we’ll have a real conversation.

Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

Recall, about two weeks ago the former president addressed tensions on the Ukrainian border, praising the power style of the Russian leader. “It’s genius. Putin declares a large part of Ukraine independent, oh that’s wonderful,” he said in an interview with the podcast. He added, “I said, ‘How smart is that?’ He’s going to come in and be a peacemaker … we can use that on our southern border, “when he pointed out the nature of the relationship between the two.

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