Summer truce between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Brussels has suspended legal actions against the British government to allow for further bilateral negotiations on the controversial Irish protocol. London yesterday eased travel restrictions, allowing European citizens who have been vaccinated not to be quarantined upon arrival in Britain.

At the end of a government meeting it was announced that EU and US citizens who have received two doses of the vaccine will be treated exactly like British citizens and will not have to isolate themselves for ten days after returning from countries on the “yellow list”, which includes the Italy and almost all 27. Those arriving from France must instead quarantine.


No quarantine for EU citizens since Monday

Currently, only UK residents who have been vaccinated by the National Health Service (NHS) can avoid quarantine when returning from abroad. The new rules will take effect on Monday morning. European or American citizens will still have to take a test before landing in Great Britain and then on the second day after their arrival. The checks should not create difficulties at the borders for European citizens, since the “green pass” will be recognized.

There will therefore be reciprocity with the numerous European countries that already accept the British “Covid pass”. Italy is not among them, given that for now Rome does not recognize the validity of vaccines carried out in the United Kingdom The situation is more complex for American citizens, who do not have an online pass but only a paper document that certifies the occurrence vaccination. Despite this, London has acted unilaterally to facilitate arrivals from the US without waiting for a bilateral agreement.

In fact, the United States has decided to keep the restrictions in force and not only does not accept the British Covid pass but does not allow entry into the country to those who have been in Great Britain in the previous two weeks due to the fear of “importing” the variant. Delta. American citizens are “strongly discouraged” from traveling to the UK.

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