Gojkovic: We are for the third time, we have never participated in the government, the kingdom is a sacred goal (VIDEO)
The representative of the Patriotic Bloc for the Renewal of the Kingdom of Serbia, Zika Gojkovic, stated today that the movement is “completely ideologically different from everyone on the political scene in Serbia.”“It is not our exclusive goal to come to power, but we are fighting for a higher goal to return the baptized name of Serbia, as Patriarch Pavle and Bosko Obradovic said, and that is the Kingdom of Serbia. That goal is sacred and it is above us.” , said Gojković, in front of the electoral list number 11 “Boško Obradović – Serbian movement Dveri – POKS – Miloš Parandilović – Patriotic bloc for the renewal of the Kingdom of Serbia”.

As he stated, they are “for the third time, and the reason is very simple, because neither the Serbian movement Dveri nor the Movement for the Renewal of the Kingdom of Serbia have ever participated in the government.”

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