Ponos: I am against joining NATO, cooperation in the Partnership for Peace

The candidate for the presidency of Serbia of the coalition “United for the Victory of Serbia”, Zdravko Ponos, stated that he opposes Serbia’s entry into NATO, but that he is in favor of cooperation within the Partnership for Peace.

He said on Prva TV that cooperation with the Partnership for Peace is necessary because Serbia is surrounded by NATO countries, and NATO is also responsible for the protection of the Serbian population in Kosovo.

“If something I did was wrong, this government would change it in ten years,” Ponos said, adding that the changes in the army were made “for marketing purposes.”

Ponos said that his first move when he becomes president will be to respect the Constitution and to do what has not been done in previous years.

“The most important task of the president is to respect the Constitution, to respect that all institutions do their job and to restore unity, and to fulfill competencies in defense and foreign policy, without interfering in other things,” Ponos said.

He added that “the outgoing president promised his voters one thing and the other to the Western world.”

“People don’t need a story like the outgoing president is working to solve this crisis by currently having more intensive communication with God. Communication with God is quite a private matter, he suits the citizens,” Ponos said.

He referred to the fact that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has always been involved in the pre-election campaign of Aleksandar Vučić, and that he is now gone.

As for the attitude towards Ukraine, he said that he condemned the threat to territorial integrity and that aggression is inadmissible, that he has no objections to the current government’s attitude towards Ukraine, but in the way it was said in order to spread panic. nations to save all. ”

Ponos added that Serbia’s vote in the UN was done under pressure from Western powers and that he has reliable information that “the outgoing president promised not to pressure him to impose sanctions on Russia until the elections” and that he promised his voters something else.

He confirmed that he still thinks that Vučić is the “queen of drama” when he convened an emergency session of the National Security Council, and then traveled to Monaco “to watch a theater play”.

“Nobody disputes the importance of the topic, but if it is urgent, then the session is called within two hours. And he schedules within two days, and then he goes to Monaco to watch a theater play. If it’s a drama, what will happen in Monaco, no “Nothing important there. Imagine Tito informing the citizens how many cans of fish there are from Monaco. Drama from Monaco,” Ponos said.

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