Israeli Foreign Minister visits Sokhnuta repatriation center in Bucharest

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid visited the Jewish Agency Repatriation Center (Sohnut) in Bucharest on March 13 and met with repatriates who fled Ukraine and are heading to Israel tonight.

Yehuda Seton, Deputy Director General of the Jewish Agency, who is in charge of the Sokhnut’s efforts to assist Jewish refugees from Ukraine, and Roman Polonsky, Director of the Eastern European Region of the Jewish Agency, briefed the Minister on the activities of the Jewish Agency in Ukraine and neighboring countries to rescue candidates for repatriation and bring them quickly to Israel.

The Jewish Agency operates four Centers in Bucharest, where about a thousand refugees are being prepared for Aliyah in an accelerated manner established by the government. The centers in Bucharest are part of a number of Repatriation Centers opened by the Jewish Agency and the Friendship Foundation in countries bordering Ukraine. Today there are about 6,000 Jewish refugees in these Centers.

Together with Yehuda Seton, high-ranking officials of the Beilinson hospital arrived in Bucharest to develop procedures for providing medical care and psychological support to repatriates located in the Centers.

From Bucharest, the Minister, accompanied by the Ambassador to Romania, David Sarangi, went to the Siret border crossing, through which most refugees from Ukraine enter Romania. Yehuda Seton left for Poland, where he will visit the Sokhnuta Repatriation Centers in order to develop options for expanding the opportunities for receiving potential repatriates on the spot.

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