Tensions continue between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas security forces

The tension continues: The escalation between the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas movement in the West Bank continues to grow, after the organization claims that the Palestinian security forces continue to act systematically against it in the West Bank. This, after the arrest of released prisoners and active students at universities in the West Bank.

The human rights organization “Lawyers for Justice” revealed last Saturday that it had documented horrific evidence of torture suffered by Hamas detainees in West Bank prisons. The organization’s Facebook page manager, lawyer Mohanad Karajah, said: “Where are the students at al-Najah University and the released prisoners in Nablus who are being tortured at the security forces headquarters in Nablus?”

The organization’s monthly report states that the PA has committed 187 violations of civil rights over the past month. The violations include cases of assault and violence, raids on homes and workplaces and confiscation of property. Palestinian to stop the detention policy and stressed the need to “protect the rights and freedoms of the Palestinian citizen.”

Abdin added: “Anyone who commits these violations feels he has an immunity from accountability, so these violations will continue.” “This situation is a natural consequence of the deterioration of the Palestinian justice system, the lack of the principle of separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary and the lack of the principle of accountability,” he said.

As you may recall, tensions on the Palestinian street made headlines last February, when clashes broke out between clans in Hebron. Following the incident, big questions arose about the functioning and place of the authority and its security mechanisms. On Arab social networks, the Palestinian Authority has been given full responsibility for the chaos in the streets and the spread of armed clashes between the clans.

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