The Ukrainian crisis seen from the palaces of power

There is expectation for the outcome of the meeting taking place at Palazzo Chigi between US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan and Mario Draghi’s diplomatic adviser Luigi Mattiolo. Sullivan saw Chinese Communist Party diplomacy chief Yang Jiechi on Monday.

While the government is committed to dialogue, work is also being done on how to cope with the rises in the price of energy and fuel. To cope with the fallout from the crisis in Ukraine, there is currently no budget variance, the goal is “to preserve the stability of public finances”.

However, the government is preparing to pass one or more decrees and to commit itself “to further measures on the front of the energy crisis, in particular on the front of a European ceiling on gas import prices”. The extra VAT revenue on fuels from these months will be used e action will be taken on the extra-profits of companies of “some of the sectors concerned”, sources from Palazzo Chigi explained yesterday.

The aim is to pay in installments and to calming of energy bills and cutting the price of petrol and diesel. On the front of the European ceiling on gas import prices, some countries such as Germany and Holland are holding back, but Italy will bring the issue to the table of the European Council.

The parties are pressing. After the denunciation of the Minister for Energy Transition Cingolani (the Public Prosecutor of Rome has opened an investigation file) they are asking for measures to put a stop to speculation, to meet the categories and thus support businesses and families.

“We need a ceiling on the cost of energy and petrol”, underlined Matteo Renzi this morning. “We are in a war economy“, he remarked. To underline that” times are extraordinary “and therefore” extraordinary interventions “are needed is also the undersecretary of the Mef, Federico Freni.” The cut in excise duties on fuel is an intervention “possible, and indeed desirable”he has declared.

in the meantime Italy is always at the forefront of welcoming refugees and supporting the countries most involved from the wave of those fleeing from war. Foreign Minister Di Maio is in Chisinau, Moldova. Italy has donated about 20 tons of basic necessities to a country that is carrying out “a truly exceptional effort”.

“Italy, together with NATO allies and European partners, supports Ukrainian territorial integrity and sovereignty – remarked the head of the Farnesina – We are working tirelessly for Russia to stop the war through increasingly severe sanctions for Moscow and for the oligarchs close to the Kremlin. At the same time – he added – we continue to strongly insist on the channel of diplomacy, which we never wanted to interrupt and in which we must continue to believe even in these darkest hours, in the belief that they do not exist alternatives to a diplomatic solution “.

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