U-S- President Joe Biden today (Wednesday) addressed the growing threat of cyberattacks by Russia and China over the U-S- and warned that “a cyberattack on the U-S- could lead to a real war-”

“I think it’s more explanatory that if we end up with a war – a real gunfight with large forces – it will be as a result of a cyber attack that will cause significant damage, and those capabilities are growing exponentially,” Biden said during a visit to the National Intelligence Office-

During his speech, Biden accused Russia of trying to interfere in next year’s congressional elections, citing the daily intelligence memo prepared for him- He said it was a “clear violation of our sovereignty”- He said “nothing has deterred Russia yet” from the continued stirring of American politics and the spread of disinformation-

Biden also referred to the threats posed by China, saying that leader Xi Jinping “is fully determined to become the most powerful military force in the world, as well as the world’s largest and most important economy by the middle of the decade beginning in 2040-“

As you may recall, about a week ago the United States and its allies announced that they were accusing China of overseeing extensive attempts to extort money online, including through ransomware attacks designed to destabilize countries around the world for personal gain- The public exposure of the Chinese efforts is a new front in the ongoing bid by the Biden administration to fend off cyber threats that have led to severe damage to large American sectors, including energy production and food-

U-S- officials told CNN that the extent of Chinese involvement in employing criminal networks to invade and extort money around the world surprised the White House- A senior administration official noted that “what we found really surprising and new here was the use of criminal contract hackers to carry out this unauthorized cyber operation for financial gain- It was really enlightening and surprising to us-“

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