The Sky News channel in Australia has been suspended for a week from YouTube for uploading videos denying the existence of the corona virus or encouraging people to use unverified drugs in violation of rules banning the dissemination of false medical information related to the plague.

YouTube did not specify which videos included the banned content, but made it clear that they would not allow segments to be shown with false information that could pose a “significant risk” to public health. As a result, Sky’s account was suspended for seven days, and if the network violated the guidelines twice more during a 90-day trial period, the account with 1.85 million subscribers would be completely shut down.

“We have a clear policy regarding false medical information concerning the corona virus, based on guidelines from local and global health authorities, in order to prevent the dissemination of false information that could cause realistic harm,” YouTube said. “We apply this policy equally to everyone regardless of the identity of the uploaders, and in accordance with our penal system, we have removed Sky News Australia videos and imposed a probationary period on them.”

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