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The Colombian Ministry of Health has confirmed that this Friday the vaccination record against COVID.19 has been broken with the inoculation of 550,832 doses in a single day.

In this way, the 27 million vaccines applied have already been exceeded, and 12,057,314 complete schedules have also been reached, according to the local radio station Radio Caracol.

In line, the Colombian Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, has valued this advance in the National Vaccination Plan and recalled how, during the month of March, the application of the vials did not exceed 200,000 per day.

For his part, the director of Epidemiology and Demography, Julián Fernández, has pointed out the “great effort” made by those in charge of the Vaccination Plan to “increase the speed and coverage of immunization in the country.” “This effort must be accompanied, while coverage is expanded, with a focused search for the populations most at risk,” he said.

Finally, Fernández has appealed to those over 50 and those with comorbidities “to come as soon as possible to get vaccinated” since “only by covering high.risk people” will a reduction in mortality be achieved. and incidence of serious cases “.

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