Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić stated today that the City of Belgrade has made a decision to set aside ten million dinars for subsidies for the purchase of bicycles, which will be able to be used by 2,000 citizens.

Vesić told Pink TV that the tender will be announced tomorrow, and that a non.governmental organization will be elected within 15 days, which will be a partner of the City, “because subsidies cannot go directly from the budget”.

“Then, in 20 days, a competition will be announced in which citizens will be able to apply and receive a subsidy. The condition is that the bicycle is manufactured in Serbia, that it has a certificate from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce that it is domestic production. Our bicycles cost between 20,000 and 30,000 dinars and that means that we will subsidize one fifth or one sixth of the value of one two.wheeler “, said Vesić.

Vesić stated that it is “a continuation of the policy according to which preference is given to bicycle and pedestrian traffic”.

“We have built over 30,000 square meters of pedestrian zones and about 30 kilometers of bicycle paths in the city. The plan is to build almost 100 kilometers of bicycle paths in the next five years,” Vesić said.

According to him, within the “Parking Service” there are almost 5,000 bicycles that can be rented, most of them on Ada Ciganlija, near SC “Milan Gale Muškatirović”, and in the pedestrian zones on Obilićevo and Zeleni venac.

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