Positive trend in the Korean Peninsula: The armies of the south and north resumed today (Tuesday) the activity of the hot communication lines between the countries after a break of more than a year, after the leaders recently exchanged personal messages.

The regime in Pyongyang severed hot lines between armies in June last year, in protest that South Korean government is not taking action against regime opponents who launch balloons with propaganda leaflets across the demilitarized border. The North Koreans also blew up the building of the joint coordination office and warned of an “aggressive response.“

Today, however, the Ministry of Defense in Seoul announced that the connection had been renewed. “The military authorities of the south and north have rehabilitated the military communications lines and returned them to morning operations, in order to implement the agreements reached by the leaders,” it was reported. “Phone calls and fax exchanges are now working as usual.“

According to the media in the south, it was the North Koreans who initiated the renewal of the connection, when a caller from the north activated the line and asked his colleague from the south about the quality of the connection and then the southern soldier asked his colleague a similar question. Later, the parties also checked the fax lines and agreed to talk twice a day.

A senior North Korean source told the state news agency that operating the hotlines would help improve relations between the two countries. “Now, the entire Korean nation is striving to see relations recover from the withdrawal and paralysis as soon as possible,” he noted. “The senior leaders of the North and South have agreed to make a great effort to restore mutual trust and promote reconciliation by reactivating the lines after personal letters were recently exchanged.“

Seoul also confirmed that President Moon Jia.in and the ruler of the north, Kim jong un, Exchanged personal letters since last April. “The government welcomes the restoration of communication lines,” the Ministry of Union said. “We hope the lines will not be delayed again and we hope the two Koreans will be able to discuss the issues at hand and implement the agreements.”

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