Putin makes the statements even tougher

Before the Russian Foreign Minister declaresthat there is some progress in the negotiations with the Ukrainian side, the President of the country tightens the statements even more. Yesterday he insistedthat its special operation against Ukraine is going according to plan, and those who oppose it are “traitors inside the country.”

Exactly three weeks after the start of the war, Putin admitted that he was against Russia unprecedented Western sanctions They have caused huge damage to the economy, which will inevitably affect the population. Statistics already show that in early March, Russia’s GDP fell more than during the 1998 default. However, Putin does not see his guilt in all this ․ Yesterday he again blamed the West and the Russians who believe in Western values. Speaking about the fifth column, Putin insisted that the traitors are mostly Russians living well.

“Of course, they, the West, will try to use the so-called national traitors, those who make money here in Russia and live there in the West. And they live not so much in a geographical sense, but in their thoughts, in their serf consciousness. “I do not condemn those who own villas on the French Riviera or Miami, the problem is simply that many of them are not in essence with our people, Russia,” Putin said.

Not to mention why thousands of Russians are leaving the homeland today, Putin insisted. “This natural and necessary self-cleansing of the society will only strengthen Russia.”

According to Putin, the Russian people “have always been able to distinguish real patriots from scum and traitors.”

This speech of the Russian leader was unprecedented in his toughness, that his long rule had never stood out before for the protection of human rights and freedoms. In recent years, especially, the circle has been tightened day by day, the opposition has been imprisoned, independent media and organizations have been banned, being described as “foreign agents”, but Putin has for the first time called Russians who profess Western values ​​traitors and scum.

The Kremlin is going to hold a big rally and concert tomorrow

At the same time, the Kremlin is preparing to hold large rallies and concerts in major Russian cities tomorrow, the day of the annexation of Crimea, to show that the majority of the population stands by the Russian president despite all the difficulties.

Russian bloggers, oppositionists living abroad, independent intellectuals note that the longer the war lasts, the more Russian soldiers are killed in Ukraine, the more the circle is tightened around Russia, isolated from the civilized world, the more aggressive Putin becomes. And today his aggression is directed not only at the West, but also at the Russians who do not support the war, especially towards those who have left the country during these few weeks.

“Nobody needs this war except Butin, there are no state interests here. He has already entered a corner, taking the country with him և he can not get out of that corner. “The question is, how should his teammates get out of that corner?” Says famous writer Viktor Shenderovich.

At the same time, experts independent of the Kremlin claim that most Russians have no idea what is really going on in Ukraine, as they receive information exclusively on federal television.

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