Comments from the talks between the former president and senior Justice Department officials show that Trump exerted a lot of pressure to cancel the election results in which Biden won. “And accuse the Ministry of Justice of inaction


“Illegal election”: Comments released tonight (Friday-Saturday) from a conversation between former U.S. President Donald Trump in December 2020 with Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Deputy Attorney General Richard Donohy indicate that the former exerted a lot of pressure to cancel the election results. “Just say the election was corrupt,” Trump said in the ballot. “Leave the rest to me and the members of Congress.”

Donohi’s comments show how Trump has continued to push false allegations of voter fraud in several states in the United States. During a conversation on Dec. 27, 2020, Trump said “people are angry” and accuse the Justice Department of inaction. “We have a duty to tell people that these are illegal and corrupt elections,” Trump said, according to the comments.

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Rosen and Donohi stepped back and told Trump that “we do our job. A lot of the information you get is false,” according to Donohi’s comments. The comments included reference to Trump’s false claim that the error rate of the Michigan vote count was 68%, when in fact it was 0.0063%, or one in 15,000.

“You may not be following the Internet like I am,” Trump said, according to comments. At another point, according to Donohi’s comments, Rosen told the former president to understand that the Justice Department “can not help but tap its fingers and change the election results,” adding that “it does not work that way.”

Trump proposed during the conversation to replace Rosen with then-Attorney General Jeffrey Clark, who reportedly urged Trump to make him the attorney general instead of Rosen. “People tell me Jeff Clark is great, I need to put him in,” Trump said, according to Rosen’s comments. “People want me to replace the Justice Department leadership.”

“These handwritten comments show that President Trump has directly instructed the senior law enforcement agency in our country to take steps to repeal free and fair elections in the last days of his presidency,” said White House Supervisory Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney.

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