Belgrade: Vučić and Nehamer on cooperation, European integration and the situation in the region
Today in Belgrade, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, talked with the Chancellor of Austria, Karl Nehamer, about the most important aspects of bilateral cooperation, European integration of Serbia and the situation in the Western Balkans.According to his cabinet, Vučić assessed the relations with Austria as “very good” and reiterated Serbia’s “firm commitment” to their further comprehensive strengthening, with special emphasis on the further development of economic cooperation.

Vučić said that the trade exchange between Serbia and Austria in 2021, despite the coronary virus pandemic, recorded an increase of 28 percent and reached 1.36 billion euros, with a tendency to grow, it is stated in the statement.

Nehamer said that Serbia and Austria are good partners, while on the occasion of European integration, he assessed that, as stated, it is “of great importance” for the EU to be “clearly determined” regarding the affiliation of the Western Balkan countries to the Union. He stated that it is necessary for the accession process to be accelerated.

Vučić stated that Serbia “highly appreciates” Austria’s strong engagement for the enlargement of the European Union and support for Belgrade on its European path, the statement reads.

He reportedly briefed the Austrian chancellor in detail on the situation in the region.

The interlocutors agreed that Serbia and Austria attach great importance to strengthening multilateralism and joint opposition to today’s global challenges. In that sense, they emphasized the necessity of continuing successful cooperation at the multilateral level, it is added.

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