The vice president of the Democratic Party (DS), Tatjana Manojlović, stated today that it is a precedent for the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) to find out on social networks that its guest in the central news program will be the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

The speaker of the RTS morning news read this morning the information that President Vučić will be the guest of another Dnevnik tonight, referring to the posting on his Instagram account.

Manojlović, who has been a RTS journalist for many years, told the Beta agency that it was unheard of for the president of the state to announce himself to his hosts on the public service via Instagram.

“To be cynical, this can also be interpreted as an expression of good upbringing, because he will not come to Dnevnik unannounced. I hope that Vučić’s next step will not be to post the shirts of the RTS Dnevnik on Instagram,” the DS vice president emphasized.

When asked by Beta whether Aleksandar Vučić was invited by the editor on previous guest appearances on RTS or, as it was announced today, he invited and announced himself, Manojlović said that she did not know the answer to that question because he was not a member of the Information Editorial Board. –

“I can’t testify about that because I’m not part of that team, but I think and assume like most citizens of Serbia. BIRODI’s research shows that from the beginning of December to the end of April this year, DS was represented in the second Dnevnik with 64 seconds, and Aleksandar Vucic more from five o’clock. That says enough about how the Public Media Service works, “said RTS journalist and DS official Tatjana Manojlovic.

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