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Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Day 22: In the shadow of reports of progress in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, even today (Thursday) the Russian offensive continued with bombings and severe attacks in large areas of Ukraine, with the death toll in the fighting continuing to rise.

In Mariupol, the city that suffered heavy shelling, the search for the victims of the explosion in the theater that served as a shelter for hundreds of refugees continues, with the search operation encountering difficulties following the attack on the emergency authorities as well.

According to a report in the New York Times, US intelligence estimates that more than 7,000 Russian soldiers were killed in less than three weeks of fighting. At the same time, the UN Security Council will convene today at 21:00 to discuss the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

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At least one killed after missile hit a residential building in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: Social Networks)

ongoing updates:

21:21: The White House fears that China will supply Russia with military equipment

20:40: The mayor of Kharkov said that a city market had been shelled by Russia, and a person from the country’s emergency services had been killed while trying to put out the fire that broke out following the attack.

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20:20: U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, He said he agreed with the statement that war crimes are now being committed in Ukraine, adding: “Assaulting civilians is a war crime.” The secretary announced that American experts are working to document and assess possible crimes.

19:50: The RIA news agency reported that a commission of inquiry had been opened against a Ukrainian newscaster calling for the killing of Russian civilians, including children.

19:45: Attempts to rescue from the ruins of the theater bombed in Mariupol are facing difficulties, given the collapse of the city’s emergency services, and the danger of further attacks by Russian forces, according to the regional governor.

19:40: According to the Al-Miyadin news agency, the Ukrainian oil minister visited Moscow and expressed support for Russia in its dealings with Western sanctions. “We are ready to develop with Russia projects in the field of fuel and energy,” he noted.

19:30: Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi“Putin does not want peace,” he said. He discussed the issue of sanctions against Russia and announced that he would make sure that these would not affect businesses and families in his country, adding that the sanctions might only strengthen Russia in the long run.

19:20: The Italian government has announced that it is ready to rebuild the theater in the city of Mariupol, which was destroyed by Russia’s shelling, according to Culture Minister Dario Francescini. In a statement, he added that the Cabinet had approved his proposal, to strengthen Ukraine’s resources to build the theater soon, and clarified: “Theaters are for all of humanity.”

18:20: Authorities in the city of Mariupol have claimed that the number of victims of the airstrike on the theater, which served as a shelter for hundreds of refugees, could not be estimated.

17:50: The Ukrainian Embassy in Israel sharply criticizes: “While Russia commits genocide against the Ukrainians, the Israeli government examines every refugee ‘with a fine comb.’

17:45: Mariupol City Council has updated that about 30,000 residents have left the city since the beginning of the invasion and that more than 250,000 residents are still taking refuge in shelters.

17:40: Slovakian Defense Minister Jaroslav Ned said his country intends to provide S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine, adding that the issue has been discussed with its allies in the United States, in order to send an “appropriate alternative” to ensure long-term air capabilities. “We are ready to do so immediately, when we have a proper replacement,” he clarified.

17:25: US President Joe Biden has called Putin’s aggression in Ukraine “inhumane.” Last night, the US president was quoted as saying “Putin is a war criminal”.

Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin (Photo: Reuters)

17:10: Sources in Western-backed Ukraine have said Ukraine and Russia are taking the peace talks very seriously, but say “significant gaps remain between the parties”.

17:00: The Russian Ministry of Defense has presented documents that allegedly indicate cooperation between the United States and Ukraine in the production of biological weapons, according to the RIA news agency. According to the ministry statement, the alleged weapons production was carried out in Ukraine, according to Russian General Igor Kirilov.

Damage from Russian shelling in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: social networks)Damage from Russian shelling in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: social networks)

16:40: According to media reports in Ukraine, the President of the United States Joe BidenIs expected to hold a telephone conversation with the Chinese leader, Xi JinpingTomorrow.

16:30: Air defense forces intercepted two Russian missiles over the Dnipropetrovsk region and one UAV towards the city of Slobozensky, according to the Air Command.

16:15: Ukrainian media reported: At least 21 people were killed in the attacks near the city of Kharkiv.

16:10: The Foreign Minister of Ukraine has announced cooperation with Turkey with a view to promoting a meeting between the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

16:05: Senior Adviser to President Zlansky, Mikhail Podolyak, Updated that “it is possible that the Putin-Zlansky summit will take place in the coming weeks, when the work on the agreement is completed.” Israeli officials clarified in light of the Ukrainian adviser’s words: “We are ready to organize and host the summit in Israel, if the parties turn to us and ask for it.”

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine (Photo: Maxim Guchek / BelTA / Handout via REUTERS)Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine (Photo: Maxim Guchek / BelTA / Handout via REUTERS)

15:55: During the evacuation of residents from the Kyiv capital, Russian forces fired at a convoy of tanks, killing two policemen, according to Kiev Police Commissioner Andrei Nabitov.

15:30: State Emergency Service in Ukraine: The bodies of two parents and three young children were rescued by lifeguards under the rubble of a hostel in Chernivtsi, which had been shelled by Russian invaders the day before.

Damage from Russian shelling in Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)Damage from Russian shelling in Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)

15:15: The Pentagon: “Lloyd Austin will discuss during his visit to Slovakia the possibility of providing an S-300 system to Ukraine.”

14:50: Authorities in Germany report that close to 190,000 refugees have arrived from Ukraine so far.

14:26: At least 130 survivors have reportedly been found so far in the ruins of the theater bombed in Mariupol, which served as a refuge for many civilians.

14:23: Deputy Mayor Mariupol has updated that Russian forces have already bombed 80-90% of the city of Mariupol. “There is no building in the city that has not been damaged,” he said. He added that the rescue forces in the city are unable to respond to the fire, as the Russians destroyed almost all the fire engines.

Damage from Russian attacks in Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: Azov regiment press service / via REUTERS)Damage from Russian attacks in Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: Azov regiment press service / via REUTERS)

14:09: The White House has announced that President Biden will hold talks with Chinese President Xi tomorrow. The two will discuss the conduct of the competition and Russia’s war against Ukraine.

13:58: India Foreign Ministry spokesman: “Examining the impact of global sanctions before deciding on economic ties with Russia.”

13:53: Putin: “Sanctions create problems but also open up new opportunities.”

13:50: Ministry of Immigration and Absorption: More than 5,000 immigrants to Israel since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine.

13:07: The UN Security Council will convene today at 21:00 to discuss the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

12:55: The British Defense Secretary has said that Britain will deploy the Sky Saber missile defense system in Poland. “We are going to deploy the Sky Saber medium-range anti-aircraft missile system with a team of about 100 people to ensure our standing alongside Poland and protect its airspace from any further aggression on the part of Russia.”

Damage from Russian bomb in Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)Damage from Russian bomb in Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)
An educational institution bombed in the city of Marfa, Ukraine (Photo: Social Networks)An educational institution bombed in the city of Marfa, Ukraine (Photo: Social Networks)
Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine, Mykolayiv Oblast (Photo: Social networks)Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine, Mykolayiv Oblast (Photo: Social networks)
Damage from Russian shelling in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: social networks)Damage from Russian shelling in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: social networks)

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