Kim Yoo-jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, today (Sunday) warned South Korea not to interpret the decision to renew military communications lines as warming relations and reiterated its demand that Seoul cancel a military exercise with the US.

The South Korean government last week praised the North Korean agreement to reactivate communications lines between the armies that were cut off last year. However, Kim made it clear that it would be an “irresponsible and premature consideration” to talk about a summit between the leaders just because of the renewal of the media.

“I think restoring communication lines is nothing but a physical reconnection of what has been cut off,” she said. “This must not be given any further importance. Hasty speculation and baseless interpretation can only lead to disappointment.”

Kim also warned the South Koreans that if they held the annual exercise with the US, the situation could deteriorate again. “Trust and again will cast a shadow on the path forward in relations between the Koreans,” she threatened.

“Our government and military will closely monitor whether South Korea carries out its hostile war exercise again or makes a courageous decision,” Kim’s younger sister added. “Hope or despair? The decision is not in our hands.”

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