The president of the “Nezavisnost” pensioners’ union, Milos Grabundzija, said tonight that the promise of the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, that pensioners will receive 20,000 dinars from the budget in February next year, is a marketing ploy.

The President of Serbia said on RTS that this year’s pensions will be increased by five percent, and that pensioners will receive a non.refundable aid of 20,000 dinars in February or March next year, regardless of the amount of the pension.

Grabundzija told the Beta agency that the pensioners primarily expect President Vučić to return the billion euros taken away from them seven years ago due to “fiscal consolidation”.

“There are 1,650,000 pensioners in Serbia, and the average pension is less than 30,000 dinars. Most pensioners live in poverty and can barely make ends meet, there is no food or medicine, but that cannot be a reason for politicians to manipulate us. “, Grabundzija emphasized.

He wondered why those 20,000 dinars are not paid immediately, if there is already a budget surplus.

“Vučić has been manipulating pensioners for years. First he stole a lot of money from us, and now Kobayashi is taking care of us. His goal is to buy votes before the elections to be held in the spring of next year. However, pensioners no longer trust him and will not be able to buy for such small money “, said the president of the Pensioners’ Union” Nezavisnost “.

He stated that the Court in Strasbourg has not yet made a final decision on the lawsuit of pensioners from Serbia due to the reduction of pensions in the period from 2014 to 2018.

“I expect that the state of Serbia will soon have to return every dinar that this government stole from pensioners,” Milos Grabundzija concluded for Beta.

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